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Introducing Dr. Dan Mazanec, MD

Posted by David Fairbrothers on Jan 26, 2016 9:07:35 AM

We're growing!

As we've been quietly building our platform, our team has relied solely on the input and feedback of the 1500+ clinicians that use our products day in and day out.  This was an incredibly valuable and insightful experience as we were able to make objective decisions about our product roadmap that were based on real user feedback and not our own experiences.  

Now that our roadmap has taken us deeper into the day-to-day workflow of a clinician's interactions with technology, namely how a clinician uses the electronic medical record, we recognized the need for clinical experience on our team.  I'm pleased to announce that Dr. Dan Mazanec has joined our team as our Chief Medical Officer.  Dr. Mazanec brings a career of clinical experience to our team having spent 30 years in clinical practice at the Cleveland Clinic.  Most recently, he was the Associate Director of the Center for Spine Health and was the lead clinician on the team that developed and implemented one of the Cleveland Clinic's first fully-electronic care pathways.  Dr. Mazanec's work in low back pain yielded transformative results in imaging reduction and opioid use.  I know the transformative results of Dr. Mazanec's care pathway first hand as my chronic low back no longer plagues me on a daily basis (Dan also happens to be my spine physician :) ).


Dr. Mazanec will work alongside our product team, providing crucial feedback and insight, and will lead our customer implementation team, educating users and customers on the Dorsata platform and how to achieve the best clinical return on investment.  He will also be writing from time to time on topics that we find interesting and informative.

Building technology that helps clinicians make better decisions and spend more time with their patients is core to our DNA and Dr. Mazanec's contributions will further that mission. 

- DF

About David Fairbrothers

David Fairbrothers is the co-founder and CEO of Dorsata, Inc. Over the past eight years, David has been involved with or led product development in seven different companies in industries ranging from consumer internet to health IT. David is an investor in several early stage technology companies including Spendrix and Ascend Fitness. He is a full-stack developer on a variety of web and mobile platforms such as Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, Swift, and LAMP. David holds a BA from the University of Virginia and was a member of the football team there.

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