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Re-imagining the EMR:  Three essential and transformative innovations for caregivers in value-based world.

Betting on Bundles: CMS launches new mandatory orthopedic and cardiovascular programs

Three reasons that scribes are not the right answer to EMR physician burnout

Effectiveness of Clinical Decision Support in the EMR: The glass is half full

Tablets in the exam room deliver improved efficiency & patient communication - who would have thought?

MACRA Update: 5 Clear Messages to CMS - Now What?

(Buyer) Beware The Status Quo

EMR ROI - Prognosis for doctors and hospitals: guarded

The MACRA Threat: Risks to both doctors and patients

MACRA and Interoperability: Finally REAL 'Meaningful Use'?

Antibiotic stewardship: dealing with bad bugs and fewer drugs

Transforming Heathcare: CMS releases outline of MIPS physician payment model

Are medical errors really the third leading cause of death in the U.S.?

Bundling Healthcare Payment: CMS strategy to drive value-based care

Telemedicine 2016: New studies show promise, expose pitfalls

The Changing Ecology of Healthcare: Implications for Health IT

The Dark Side of Too Many Clicks

Literature to the Exam Room: Sorting out guidelines, pathways, and workflows

EMR in Home Health Care II: CMS launches bundled payment initiative

The EMR in Home Health Care: aiming to improve patient outcomes

EMR Inbox: the growing burden of uncompensated electronic paperwork

Errors in electronic prescriptions in the EMR

Medical Decision Support in the EMR

The doctor - EMR - patient relationship

The Toyota Model in Healthcare Delivery

Standardized Quality Metrics for Physicians

The EMR and Physician Burnout

Penn Medicine launches "Penn Pathways" on Dorsata

The Employer Push for High Value Health Care

The EMR as the Physician’s Partner

“Who you see is what you get" - Variability in medical diagnosis and treatment

Why I Joined Dorsata - Dan Mazanec, MD

Introducing Dr. Dan Mazanec, MD

Dorsata raises $1.1m seed round for pathway-based workflow and documentation tools.

Welcome to Dorsata!

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